2014 BEGINS: Day 131, Tuesday January 07, 2014

Nate’s sick now. Made it out to “da rin fa” or “RT mart” to buy ingredients for stew. Found a toaster oven on sale for 95 RMB and jumped at the deal! It was small but it would do. Nate napped most of the day, but the house smelt delicious. I had a good feast, but Nate unfortunately couldn’t get much down.

The luxury of a toaster oven:

Up to this point we’d existed without a toaster, or an oven. Everything in China is either steamed or cooked on the stove. Food was so cheep we barely cooked anyways, but man did I miss baked goods! The breads and pastries we could buy in Jinan just weren’t the same. Bread was sweet and pastries were often covered in meat powder! Even pizza was weird- covered in fruit and tapioca. Places like Jenny’s Cafe were a huge treat mostly because of their buns, real fluffy wheat buns. Now we had the freedom of a toaster oven, and I was determined to make it function like a regular oven!


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