2014 BEGINS: Day 130, Monday January 06 2014

I’m feeling better, Nate’s feeling worse. We found ourselves back out at Hero (mountain) monday morning. Our lao she gave us a sheet of paper with all the tai chi steps written on it. Unfortunately it’s in chinese.

We stopped to order food and then took it home to eat. A bag of soup maybe wasn’t the best choice to carry back on the bus, but it was delicious. Watched movies and relaxed for most of the day. The pollution was too thick to be outside.

I realize I haven’t talked much about the bagged food culture of China and the phrase “bag of soup” might seem a little odd to some people. Well to explain I would like to inform you that everything comes in a bag. Rice in a bag, noodles in a bag, dumplings in a bag, and as mentioned above soup in a bag. This isn’t some fancy “soup bag” invention either, it’s just a regular plastic bag, full of soup. You can’t put it down or it will spill everywhere. In order to eat it you have to have your own bowl handy (which you can place the bag in) or you’re stuck very awkwardly trying to hold the handles with one hand and chopstick the contents out with the other, and trust me it just doesn’t work. I tried to eat “soup in a bag” on a taxi once… bad idea. 


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