BACK AT IT: Day 122, Sunday December 29 2013

Day went well aside from the alarm not going off in the morning. That is until Candy thrust a schedule in my face and then rushed away before I could get a chance to look at it- good indication that something’s up. We’re being asked to come in at 8:00 am on New Years, and to work a full eight hour day! While Damian was screaming about having New Years off in his contract (pretty sure that was referring to Chinese New Years) Nate and I met Candy and told her politely that we would come in when she asked but would leave after we’d completed our usual 5.5 hours of work we would do on a Wednesday. She gave us her usual stammer of empty words and excuses, but in the end we received a phone call telling us we’d been approved to leave early.

We discovered that the 123 bus loops around to Quan Chen square after it goes by the house I tutor at, so Nate rode with me. My lesson had been rescheduled to today, and Nate had plans to play magic. Did a bit of painting practice before bed.


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