CHRISTMAS EVE: Day 117, Tuesday December 24 2013


Christmas Eve found us at Hero Mountain early in the morning learning Tai Chi from our 84 year old teacher. At the end of the lesson we explained to them that it was almost Christmas and wished them a Merry Christmas.

We stopped at U-Mart on our way home to get bread and bacon for our Christmas morning breakfast. Nate and I raved about (each of) our family’s Christmas traditions and breakfasts. I told him about my mom’s mouth watering cranberry muffins, Nate talked about his mom’s oven baked french toast.

We had everything sparkling, the laundry in the machine, and all the gifts wrapped by 5:00pm when we met up with Sonya to get Nate’s coat lined and play pool with our painting teacher. It only cost 150 RMB for Nate to get his leather jacket lined with a warm inner layer!

We met up with Sonya’s sister, our painting teacher, and his friend at the pool hall. We played for a good two hours and left when the crowds started to get thick and the smoke heavy. We played girls vs. Boys most of the night, and Sonya, her sister, and I won more times then expected.

We went to Damian’s place as he was supposed to host the Christmas eve party. We were still angry at him about the stunt he’d pulled at the christmas party, but it was Christmas after all, a time to put our differences behind us. Our fellow teachers were the closest to family we had out here, our mis-match, dysfunctional Jinan family.

The party was way more fun then I could have predicted. Damian’s house had a dart board and a Christmas tree in the corner. Christmas music was playing and there was booze for everyone. It was a small group mostly just our colleagues, (plus a few from our regular hang out group) and some guy Kira brought who’s eyes were on me a bit too much for my liking.

I mostly bounced around between darts, the couch to cuddle with Shelly (awesome west end colleague), and the kitchen to refill my cup. Nate and I headed home around 1:00 am when the others were setting out for KTV (karaoke).

We opened our stalkings when we got home. In mine I found a piece of paper that said “look in your savings envelope” where I found a note that told me to “look under the bed” where there was a notebook that told me to look at the red ribbon page, which sent me to the medicine cupboard. Inside was a promise to of a date to the Jinan hot springs and 300 RMB to pay the way. 

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