CHRISTMAS IS COMING: Day 113, Friday Dec 20 2015

Christmas Chaos continued at work as the story changed about what would happen Saturday night. I tried to ignore it as best I could and focus on my Friday night class (Pineapple class).  Bob, who usually does the exact opposite of what I ask, was teachers helper and wore a giant grin on his face all class.

I wanted to buy Nate some magic cards for christmas, but I wasn’t sure what to get him. I recruited the help of his friend Lawrence who asked the owner to pull out a big green box. “This is a gift box with posters and cards, and card sorters,” he told me.

I’m not sure, I think he has that one,” I replied.

He (Lawrence) looked confused, he pointed at the writing on the box, “holiday gift box” it read. “Gift,” he said pointing out the word, “and holiday gift box.” There just was no arguing with that, so I bought the box praying it was something that would be ok to receive twice.


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