CHRISTMAS IS COMING: Day 11, Wednesday December 18 2013

Today we found out the time and day of the Christmas party we are supposed to be putting on for the students and parents. We still haven’t had a meeting about it, and we’re supposed to dance gunman style. They have us practicing this overly sexual and complicated dance routine that they expect us to somehow perfect before the party. We were dragged out to a costume shop to try on outfits for our performance: tight black plastic pants, a white sequin belly top, and a jacket with long butt tails. Not the kind of outfit you want to be wearing to dance for children (Katrina was worried the pants might rip). We refused the belly tops and opted for frilly blouses instead. We all look like waitresses.

he rest of the costume store however was awesome! Long beautiful Chinese dresses from every dynasty, a robe with giant sleeves that could swallow a city, wedding dresses of every colour, and more skimpy dance or stripper like costumes. And there were props! Katrina put on this giant Chinese head. I tried on a cowboy hat with black braids. Nate pulled out a long but flimsy silver sward that Katrina pretended to fight him with.

The story keeps changing regarding the performance. One minute we think we’re doing this with just the foreign teachers, the next we’re told it’s a competition with the West centre (getting tired of this having to beat the other centre thing), and then we find out we’re dancing with children in the group as well. Maybe one day I’ll get used to this cultural quirk of always being in the dark, but for now I can not adjust. I’ve told Lainey I’m not doing the dance. It doesn’t even have anything to do with Christmas, and the song’s in Korean!


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