CHRISTMAS IS COMING: Day 109, Monday December 16 2013

We walked to the book store in the morning to find the real English section that Chandler swore existed. It was smoggy so we were wearing our pollution masks. Both Nate and I got inexplicably very dizzy during the walk. We thought it might be that we weren’t getting enough air through the masks, but we were still dizzy when we took them off, so I’m not sure what it was. Bought the box set of Game of Thrones, and then spent the rest of the day drinking spiked hot chocolate and apple cider, and reading. Went to the hair dressers across the street to get a hair cut. Nate got them to give him a straight razor shave, but the woman that was shaving him hates his hair because it’s so corse and wiry, especially compares to the fine hair of the Chinese men. We found out the hair place also does massages and cupping (hot cups suctioned onto back to increase circulation).


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