CHRISTMAS IS COMING: Day 105, Thursday December 12 2013

We arrived at work with gifts of fruit for our CTs and our boss (Sarah), and as we presented the fruit to Sarah she clapped and announced that my Harry Potter parents were very happy with me, and the excitement wasn’t over yet. A big box and two envelopes awaited us. The package from Nate’s mom had finally arrived! In it were three giant bags of tampons (which Katrina showed off to all the CTs who had no idea what they were), two large containers of hot chocolate, two giant things of lotion, hot apple cider, and a pile of presents to go under our make do christmas tree (we’d hung some decorations on a very sad looking tree-plant thing we’d bought earlier in the year and since neglected). One had a note saying Nate could open it early, inside was a star wars patterned christmas shirt. He’s barely taken it off since. I’d received a card from my grand parents, and a big brown pen-pal envelope from the preschool I was writing to with my class.

And then Damian quit. The mood changed fast. Nate, Katrina, and I were called to have a meeting. Our boss and supervisors were sitting down with Damian. They began to launch into a speech about everything we had done right and that (Damian) had done wrong. Katrina made a fuss, saying it was public shaming (where there is no better term for it). Damian grunted and moaned like a child. Public shaming or not their accusations of him being immature were true. His “official” excuse was “the pollution was too bad” but we knew (as he had told us) he simply didn’t think Jinan was “ballin’” enough. He’d done it by the books though, given his month’s notice. He didn’t really deserve such harsh punishment, at least he hadn’t just taken off.

When class time finally rolled around I showed my class the letter and pictures, and the children were beside themselves with excitement. They could barely focus for the rest of class, they just kept talking about Canada!


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