HAINAN: Day 104, Wednesday December 11 2013

This would be our last day in Haikou if all went well. We bought Hainan noodles for breakfast with unknown sea creatures lurking within them (meaning chunks of stuff that we couldn’t recognize). The pink round ball that looked like meat but tasted sweet was a bit odd. We washed breakfast down with a fresh mango. We’ve been finding that Hainan sells food in perfect meal portion sizes. In comparison Jinan gives out enough food for three people to eat in one serving.

We asked for a knife to cut our mango with (it’s fine to bring your own food to a restaurant, they’ll often even prepare it and serve it to you!) and the woman who had sold us the noodles brought one over. Nate took the knife from her, and the next thing he knew his entire arm was covered in ants! He dropped the knife and brushed them off while the woman brought over water and washed the knife, but as soon as she cleaned off all of the ants more would appear! Where were they coming from?

There was a hole in the plastic handle and inside a whole colony of ants had made their home! The woman tried to pour the water directly down the hole, but this just made the stream of ants come rushing out quicker. The small ant filled knife was abandoned and replaced with a giant ant free cleaver not made for mango slicing. Nate did his best and the rest we ended up gnawing off the pit.

Our plan to spend our last day on the beach was thwarted by the big grey cloud that threatened rain. Instead we went to check out a temple. We knew what bus to take but not what stop to get off at, and it wasn’t until we were passing right by it that we realized we were there. We had to get off at the next stop way around the corner and walk back.

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Built at the sight of two ancient springs, the temple had a spirit of it’s own. You just had to look past the construction going on on one side. At the temple we learned that Hainan had once been a place to send prisoners that were banished from main land China. One had been a poet and had left his mark at the springs.

We walked along the river for a bit once we left the temple grounds. We saw one man fishing, his catch swimming in a bucket of water. We passed this man and continued walking, but when we saw another, dressed in a security guard’s uniform, manning two fishing poles at once, we stopped and asked to take a picture. In response he shoved one pole into our hands! The poles were simply long staffs with a piece of fishing line attached at the end and a bobby, a hook, and a worm attached to that. To cast you had to swing the string outwards and upstream. Nate caught two fish. We must have been there for at least half an hour before we left to pick up my visa.

We ate dinner with Kat before grabbing a cab to the airport. Our flight was delayed so Nate decided to go wander around. He had asked when the plane would be boarding so I was not too worried. I was zoned out of everything, just writing in my journal when I realized that the terminal was growing more and more quiet. I looked up to see the trail end of the line boarding our plane! My heart hammered in my chest, Nate was nowhere to be seen and worse of all he had both our thickets! I don’t know how but somehow I went from having all our stuff scattered across four chairs at the far side of the terminal to having it all packed away and some how contained on my body. I’m pretty sure I teleported to the gate. I didn’t know much chinese, “wo, wo, boyfriend,” I said holding my hand up way above my head “ta zo y ta bu she!” (roughly translates to my, my, (boyfriend in English), he go (and in spanish) he no!)

Five minutes.” they told me. I was sweating in panic, and then miraculously there he was, wondering slowly (derpaderpaderp) around the corner! Her jumped when he realized the gate was empty and ran towards me. I swear his hair stood on end link in a cartoon! We ran through the gate and got on the plane just before it closed it’s doors.


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