STARTING TO LEARN: Day 100, Saturday December 07 2013

Canada has snow days, Florida has hurricane days, and China has pollution days! We’ve heard of two cities being shut down because pollution levels got too dangerous. First Harbin earlier in the year, and now Shanghai. Katrina claims it’s reading was actually off the charts, but it seemed to have a number when we looked it up.

Saturday was filled with demos, work, tutoring, and packing. One of my tutor kids moms says Hainan is supposed to have lots of delicious fruits, and that the air is clean! I’m sold! We will leave at four from work tomorrow.

Also a package arrived from (my sister)! Filled with hot chocolate, candy canes, stockings with an N and J stitched on them, chocolate, a book about cat poems, and lots and lots of tampons (which you can’t find in China!). The tampons were used as packing material, and worked pretty well at the job!

The bathroom stall I used in the airport was installed so that part of the door was behind a metal hinge on one side (preventing it from opening in) and the other side of the door had a metal stopper that is placed there for locking the door, but it was on the outside, preventing the door from opening outwards! Oh China… I don’t know how many of our desks’ keyboard drawers don’t open because they were installed wrong! And apparently our Christmas tree at Happy English was put together with duct tape, even though there are clear holes for the branches to go it. It’s a little wonky looking as some of the bottom branches were taped in the middle of the tree, but that just makes it look more authentic…

The smog in Jinan was so bad today you could barely see past 100m in front of you. We are glad to be leaving it behind for a couple of days.


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