STARTING TO LEARN: Day 99, Friday December 06 2013

Christmas is coming up fast and we needed to get our packages in the mail. We spent most of the morning organizing, wrapping, and packing christmas gifts. We celebrated St. Nicholas day (as is tradition in my family) by picking up kinder surprises!

There was a little confusion sending the packages, as the package for Nate’s mom almost got sent to America, but we were proud of getting them sent all by ourselves. We even made it to work with time to spare!

I had Pineapple class at 6:00-8:00pm. The class is fairly well behaved, and the kids are cute (it is a pre-k-1 class and the youngest child is three.) Some of the kids can get pretty ridiculous. Bob for one has a naturally defiant personality. If I say stand up, Bob sits down. If I say sit down Bob stands up. The first class I had, Bob was hitting, kicking, and throwing, but… just ignore the bad and reward the good. I don’t have much problems with him anymore.

The only issues with Bob (Now) come from other children reacting to him. Whoever he’s sitting beside tends to copy him and goof off. The worst is Jerry, who’s english is incomprehensible, and is spacey at best. The next worst is John who is the youngest in the class and is thus easily distracted.

Bob is very affectionate and though he keeps others from learning he is probably the smartest kid in the class. On our way to the washroom on friday he stopped and stared at Nate’s class, “is that Nate’s class?” he asked Michelle in Chinese ( apparently when he speaks chinese he speaks very properly, like an adult would).

Yes,” she replied.

Oh I like him.” (in chinese).

Apparently he recognized Nate’s voice! We had borrowed (Nate) for a voice recording as there was a he/ she element to the question, and Bob thought Nate had a beautiful voice! (we’ve been doing voice recordings of the key vocabulary and sentences for the children to practice at home. It’s a bit controversial among the foreign teaching staff as it often leads to rote memorization before class.)

(Bob) ran into Nate’s class after it was finished saying “Teacher Nate! Teacher Nate!” Nate didn’t know who the kid was!

Nate went home after school to rest up for his long Saturday of class, while I walked to the Law University to meet up with Sonya. I was stopped by two girls on my way there. They were in uniforms, so I’m assuming they were high school aged. They wanted to practice their English, and talked to me for a bit. We decided to exchange QQ numbers (Chinese chat site) and I placed my mitts and hat on the ground so I could search through my bag for pen and paper. There was an audible gasp from both girls as they hurried to pick up my stuff for me! I had forgotten that putting things on the ground was considered terrible in China. One of the girls dropped a snack in my bag just before we went our separate ways, saying “a gift for you.”

My arms were still sore from the night before, so they grew tired quickly while we were practicing nun chucks, especially when another girl lent me her pair so that Sonya and I didn’t have to share. Good arm workout though.


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