STARTING TO LEARN: Day 98, Thursday December 05 2013

“Da Jin Shan!” one guy called. “Where’s,” he made the shape of a pony tail.

Jenn?” Nate asked, “Yes she is wearing a pony tail.”

The man shook his head, “Da Jin Shan, Ling Yun….” he held his hand out to the open air beside him. (we were at Hero Mountain, some people were already practicing Tai Chi.)

Oh, Selina! She’s working.”



I tried to act out working but didn’t know how.

Hospital.” Nate said waving his hands around as if looking like an octopus would help.

Don’t tell him that, he’ll think she’s sick,” I muttered. Both parties ended up just moving on, yet another thing lost in translation.

We bought some awesome angry bird erasers from the underground shopping mall. They make great prizes.  We got on the 75 bus, which we have recently discovered goes almost all the way to our school! One less bus to worry about.

Jason has been causing a stink again, saying there is not enough room in the office (we have a slight overcrowding issue maybe once a week when all of the part timers happen to be around at the same time of the day). They have moved Emma- who sits next to me (who was almost in tears Wednesday night when she was leaving because Candy is being a bitch to her. She’s brand new as a CT and Candy has her planning some chunk of the Christmas party and telling her it must be better then the west end’s (the other Happy English centre in Jinan). They’re also moving Lainey. LAINEY! The woman we need to fricken drink water and stay warm in China.

Nate and I found out some exciting, but stressful news. We will be heading to Hainan on Sunday to renew our visas. We will get to stay there two nights and will fly back on Tuesday. Hainan is known as Chinese Hawaii and is sitting around 20 degrees right now! I’m excited to see another province of China! For free!

And then there was class. I had Harry Potter today. (They) seem to get wilder and wilder each week, especially on Thursday night when their powers of sitting still have been exhausted by a full day of school. At break I had a chocolate drop on the floor (the chocolate was flakey so it went everywhere). I had children litterally licking the chocolate off the ground! What’s wrong with Chinese Kids?

We met Sonya and our painting teacher at the Law University, where we were going to learn Sanda, a type of kung fu. In sanda we had to step from side to side, light on our feet, almost as if we were dancing.

We learned a kick and a punch. We practiced the punch on a blocking pad, and I was surprised at how quickly my hand got tired (and arm). I’d done a bit of Muay Thai back in Canada, but there we had had wraps and punching gloves. Here we were just punching naked!

Nate, who had not seen our painting teacher outside of our lessons before, commented on how strange it was to see someone who painted so delicately kick and punch the way he did.


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