STARTING TO LEARN: Day 93, Saturday November 30 2013

I had a long day of work to come, and I was practicing Nun chucks in the park outside our house before I had to grab my bag of books, random teaching supplies, and snacks and head to work. kachin kachin metal on metal, hand on cold metal, kachin kachin wawawawa, I would just be getting into a rhythm when I’d mess up and my nunchucks would end up just a lifeless object hanging from my hand. For those few minutes though those whirling pieces of metal were everything. They took on a life and an energy of their own, and the vibrations could be felt straight through to the soul. Deadly and beautiful. An old lady watched me and then came to try and talk to me. I think she was asking how to do it (the nun-chucks) but I couldn’t understand. She took the nunchucks from me for a bit and tried to copy. I wished I knew how to tell her that I didn’t know what I was doing.

After work Sonya and I went back to the Law University. It was dark when we got there, and at first we thought nobody had showed up, but then we heard the clank clank clank of nunchucks and we headed in the direction of the sound. A handful of university boys were standing mid court. One had nunchucks, and two were play fighting, practicing kicks and blocks with each other. Their voices and energy carried to us.

It was warm out and the metal didn’t make my hand too cold. One of the boys put on a performance for us, taking two nunchucks and using both at the same time.

After the performance I started practicing my pitiful few moves,“Keep your arm straight,” the boys kept telling me, I’d focus on my arm only to be told “Relax relax!”

At one point Sonya told me “You should relax,” and shortly after, “keep your arm straight or you could kill yourself.”

Great,” I muttered, “and I’m supposed to relax!”

One of the boys turned out to be a painting student and agreed to give us lessons so he could practice his English! We will learn Monday night at 9:00pm!

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