TAI CHI: Day 91, Thursday November 28 2013

We went to Tai Chi for 9:00 but we ended up there early. We climbed the mountain to kill time. We could hear drums and music and see people dancing on the other side. Drawn to the festivities we descended the steps to check it out. The path that led away from the mountain was lined by people playing hacky-sack with with large shuttle cocks. On one part of the path a net had been stretched across from light post to light post and a group of people were playing a modified game of badminton with a shuttle cock. The park below was packed with different dances and performances.


There was a group of dancing ladies so big that they rose up above level ground and danced on the stairs up the mountain. The silliest looking (dancers) were wearing Chinese style cowboy hats that matched their bright bejewelled outfits.

Across the path away from the dancers was the big drum and accompanying instruments, and not far from him was a large group of tai chi learners having a lesson.

Our teacher was at our regular meeting spot by the time we got back. We joined in the lesson for a while.

Before we left for work we checked out this mysterious door that led underground. It turned out to lead to a large underground shopping area. We entered into a large woodworking store with intricate carvings. It’s most stunning features were the stump and driftwood carvings, where creatures, buddhas, or houses had been carved into the wood, relying heavily on it’s natural beauty for the folds of a woman’s skirts, or the mountainous landscape of a brilliantly carved castle. My favourite was a log where steps had been caved throughout it creating a mountain path that led to a small building.

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Past the woodworking store were rooms full of stones, and stamps with quite high price tags. Just as we thought we were coming to the end of the market, we opened a door that revealed we were only at the beginning. The mall stretched farther and farther underground selling booths and booths of clothes. We made it to the end in one direction, but are not sure how far it went in the other.

We took the 75 bus, and then the 123 in order to make it to school for 1:30 pm. Headed home for rest and recovery at 8:00pm after class. My kids had gotten into my stuff and stolen the candy I’d brought as a reward, and to make it worse the parents had gone through my stuff. The concept of respect is very different here.

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