AMERICAN THANKSGIVING: Day 88, Monday November 25 2013

Sonya didn’t work until 3:00pm today so we were able to meet up with her in the morning. We tried to show her the jelly fish in the springs, but when we started to go down the hill a bunch of the Chinese guys yelled at us, warning us there were people swimming naked (as Sonya translated). After talking to one of the locals Sonya told us that it was now too cold for the jelly fish anyways.

We climbed the mountain and Sonya taught me some more nun-chuck moves at the top- unfortunately it was windy and cold up there and our hands on the metal got very cold. We showed Sonya the temple, and then headed back towards home to get some hot tea and warm up at Cloud Dream Cafe.

In the evening we went to Amy’s house for American Thanksgiving festivities. There were easily over 30 people crammed into her tiny place. It was a crazy mish-mash of different nationalities and personalities. Amy was concerned that there would not be enough food, but everyone ended up uncomfortably full. There was keish, mac n’ cheese, potatoes, sweet potatoes, nachos, pumpkin pie, cookies, pecan pie, apple cobbler, and more booze then even Katrina (talented at drinking as she may be) could drink in a night.

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