TAI CHI: Day85, Friday November 22 2013

Don’t have a whole lot written down for this day in China, but I have an interesting topic to talk about. Girl time. Yep lets breach that topic! In China there are no tampons, so shortly after I’d arrived I’d talked about this to… apparently everyone, because everyone sent me tampons for Christmas. They were used as packing material by my sister and my mom, and my mother in law to be sent me three giant zip lock bags stuffed full of them! I ended up giving the extras away to very appreciative colleagues at the end of the year. Really funny when they arrived too. Most of our Chinese colleagues didn’t know what they were, so Katrina took it upon herself to educate them. She pulled out one of the ziplock bags full and started waving it around the office! Well there’s my story for the day, hope you enjoyed, more to come tomorrow.


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