TAI CHI: Day 84, Thursday November 21 2013

One of the things we really wanted to explore while we were in China was the world of martial arts, and Tai Chi was of great interest. We had looked into taking classes at a couple of dojos in town, but none of them had featured Chinese martial arts, and we were more interested in learning the Chinese fighting styles directly from the source. Tai Chi was one hundred percent Chinese, was fully integrated into the culture (mostly with the aging population) and was practiced in nearly every park in China. You could easily join in and learn for free! It was admirable that 80 plus year old men and women would get up every morning, often for upwards of three hours, and practice Tai Chi. Some of these people were stronger then Nate and I! I came across a blog post from one of my newest followers that looks at the health aspects of Tai Chi, and thought I would share it with you. What do you think, should we get this going in every park across Canada or what?

How Tai Chi Can Help Promote Better Health


At Tai Chi today we learned how some of the flowy moves work to block oncoming attacks. This made a lot more sense to me then the slow water dance we have been trying to memorize. I have learned that I have basically no spacial memory. My legs are starting to get it, but my arms still have no idea what’s going on.

After our morning lesson we discovered a large market-type store. We entered thinking it was a small shop, but it just kept going, and ended up being huge with booths set up selling everything from A to B. We found a new toilette seat! At this point our old one is more tape then anything.



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