LIFE: Day 68, Tuesday November 05 2013

The normal crowd of old ladies were in the park this morning hanging out by the exercise machines. In addition to this there was a huge crowd of ladies in the tennis court that were just breaking up. I watched as I went through my pitiful Tai Chi moves. A small detachment of the group remained in the court going through dance moves. Before long I jumped up and joined their group, they were very excited that I had come down. I struggled a bit to get the moves down, but they were fairly simple. It wasn’t too far off of the line dancing I did in Calgary, only minus the stomps and ye-haws.

We tagged along with Sonya to the square where she went to buy a new phone. Nate and I played angry birds on the display models while she argued with the sales woman. We were supposed to go to the spring to show Sonya the jelly fish, but never ended up making it there. Instead we went to the restaurant Sonya’s sister worked at to meet her and buy food. Her sister really wanted to go to KTV (karaoke) with us, and although she spoke absolutely no English, was really excited to meet us. Sonya got the bill before we could. It is very hard to pay when you go out with Chinese people. The only way you can accomplish it is to sneak off and pay before the meal is over! Sonya tells us it is her honour to buy us food, but seeing how generous our pay checks are we’d like to cover costs at least a few times!

Sonya had brought her nun chucks. We’d asked her to teach us some moves after she’d picked up nun chucks in the market the day before and started spinning them around in the middle of a large group of people! She kept telling us she only knew a little, but when she showed us what she could do we were impressed.


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