LIFE: Day 65, Saturday November 02 2013

Well today is another post of randomness as I have no journal entry for November 02. I guess I was still recovering from Halloween! Nate’s suggested that I talk about our house plants. It probably was sometime around this time that we started accumulating them. The first was some sort of tree that we picked up from a plant- selling place along the side of the road. We had this gorgeous wide window ledge and we thought it needed some green to it.

I am somewhat of a plant killer. I am terrible at watering them on a regular basis so the only plants that thrive with me tend to be the kind that are meant to grow in the desert. This tree was not one of those plants. I managed to remember to water it just enough to keep it alive for the entire 15 months, but it periodically got so dry that it would loose all of it’s leaves. It served as our christmas tree while it was still in relatively good shape, but it was basically just a stem by the end with a few hopeful leaves budding on it. When we left we placed it outside near the neighbours’ plants in hopes that a more responsible plant owner might take pity on it.

The second plant we collected was a baby spider plant that I rescued. It fell off of a plant when a new neighbour was moving in. I picked it up, placed it in water, and within a few weeks it was merrily rooting away. I’ve owned a spider plant in the past. They are an ideal plant for me because they like to grow in too small of a pot with low nutrition in the soil, and they actually grow better when left to get completely bone dry and then vigorously soaked.

Much later we were given a money tree as a gift. This was a little nerve wracking, because it was supposed to bring good fortune, but if you let it dye I’m pretty sure your luck dies with it. Fortunately it is a pretty easy plant to keep alive. It does well on only a little water every once and a while, whew!

So that’s about all for our house plants. Again if you have any suggestions of things you want to know about post them in the comments, otherwise you’ll be stuck reading posts like this!


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