LIFE: Day 64, November 01 2013

Well I don’t have a post for November 01 other then to say that it was a rough day to teach after our Halloween night, so I thought I’d talk a little about the background behind my costume. I was the monkey king for halloween, Se Wukong. Se Wukong comes from a fable about a magical monkey born from a star, and it is a favourite children’s story. I was using a children’s book about Se Wukong to try and learn Chinese. At first I translated it character by character and this is what I came up with “This day Tang dynasty monk mentoring four people came to the white tiger mountain range Wukong tear have witch odd to melt fast before ordinary picture a circle circle to duel tang monk three people.” It was an interesting experiment, and at first it was painful to try and drag meaning out of the characters, but I really think it helped me build a basis of knowledge. I can now recognize most of the characters from the book.

I became monkey king obsessed, as is much of China. The tale of Se Wukong and his journey to the west is ingrained in Chinese culture. On Halloween everyone automatically knew who I was supposed to be. It was fantastic. I soon started watching the children’s TV show on Youku (kind of like Chinese Youtube). Also much later when we were in China this video came out. It’s fantastic.

Well I’m sure after watching that you have a pretty good premises of the story… well maybe not. Just in case you want to know more, here’s a trailer for the movie… we saw in one very cold day in Qingdao… you’ll have to wait a while for that story.

Well that’s all for now. I’ve got to make something random up for tomorrow as well because I didn’t journal on the 2nd of November either, guess I was getting lazy! Post any topics you’re curious about in the comments!


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