HALLOWEEN: Day 62, Wednesday October 30 2013

Did a workout in the park again today. The old ladies kept joining in with me! They are constantly making fun of me which makes me laugh and makes working out hard. They also keep stopping me to talk, which makes everything take twice as long as it should. Despite the fact that I was wearing long sleeves this time they seemed very concerned about me, and kept counting and showing me their layers.

There was an old lady and an old man doing Tai Chi in the park today. I watched them in fascination as they moved strong and purposefully through the motions. It was slow but still impressive. The old lady came over to talk to me after she was done. She’s 74 years old! She could say hello in English and could count to 10. She did squats with me, her counting in English me in Chinese.

Halloween is Tomorrow, so I’ve been rocking my costume in class! Some of the kids have been really getting into it as well.

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