HALLOWEEN: Day 60, Monday October 28

Monday morning was grey and drizzly, and my mood matched the weather. I needed to get out of the house though the sky wanted to keep me in bed. In the end Nate and I went for a run to the market and back.

We ran through the rain, and arrived soaked at the market. At least it was warm. We were handed umbrellas by the lady we bought the eggs from. She tried to encourage us to keep them, but we insisted on handing them back.

A girl popped out of one of the shops on our way back home and started speaking to us very quickly in Chinese. As we tried to explain to her that we didn’t understand. We quickly realized that she wasn’t quite all there. We told her zhaijian (goodbye) but she kept following us. Eventually I suggested we say zhaijian again and start jogging. She kept following us for a bit but eventually dropped behind.

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The weather cheered up a bit later in the day, so we took the bus to Quan Chen Square, and walked over to Baotu springs. Baotu springs park was actually a park that encompassed many small springs, Baotu being the main attraction. We wandered through the network of small pools. The park was heavily decorated with displays of potted flowers (almost to the point where it took away from the springs). A mixture of orange, black, and white coy fish were thick in the waters.  

We sat beside a spring with a small tumbling waterfall on the far side, and I wrote some post cards while Nate drew a picture in his notebook. It was beginning to get dark and we still had not seen baotu spring, so we stood up and continued on. As we neared the spring the hanging red lanterns that decorated he park began to come on, lighting up our path.When we got to the spring the lantern light reflected off the moving water.

As day faded into night we left the park in search of some dinner. We bought sushi from the hutong, and then walked down to the river to eat. When we sat on the stone along the side of the water a man with a fu man chu moustache, beard, and hair came over to us carrying really nice blankets, which he offered for us to sit on. He was the owner of a store along the river, and he makes and dyes traditional chinese style clothing.


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