HALLOWEEN: Day 59, Sunday October 27 2013

I made my first appearance in my Monkey King costume today as we celebrated halloween in my new Pineapple class. The children were a little afraid of me in my mask, but once I took it off and they could see my face they were quite excited about the costume and enjoyed having “Se Wukong” teach their class. We were learning about the face so I pulled the pineapple out and we used different fruits and vegetables to create eyes, nose, ears, and a mouth on him. The activity was a big hit.

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It was a long day, but it was the end of an even longer work week. I was still drained by the end of it, but we headed straight to the hutong to the cafe we’d discovered the other day to relax. We tried to convince Katrina to come along but to no avail. The one side of the cafe has shelves of books for sale, and there is a spiral stair case leading to a crazy upper level with a table and chairs. The drinks are pricy but the atmosphere is worth it. Someone started playing a guitar softly in the background, his voice carried chinese words to us that we had yet to learn the meaning. As we were leaving the guitar player came to talk to us. He spoke some English.

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