SETTLING IN: Day 58, Saturday October 26 2013

Worked 9:00-6:00. Felt emotionally drained, used and abused by my CT and my workplace. The long day didn’t help and I had to drag myself to tutoring. Lisa didn’t meet me at the bus stop as I was accustomed to. I got to put my new phone to use trying to contact her, and when I was finally about to give up and head home I got through. Ruby (one of the other moms) showed up twenty minutes later, and the lesson went on. I tried to draw on as much reserve energy as possible to put on a good lesson for the kids.

Was exhausted by the time I got home and talked about quitting the school. Would it be so bad to work a couple more months, earn some back packing money, and then take off?

3 thoughts on “SETTLING IN: Day 58, Saturday October 26 2013

  1. LOL, in order to not bombard you with notifications, I’ve adopted the “museum shuffle” rule.

    Anywho! I loved your featured picture! Have you ever considered writing a post about the different signs and translation?…or maybe you did and I haven’t made it there yet. LOL


    1. Actually I have quite a collection of interestingly translated signs. They crop up as featured photos usually when I don’t have another picture to go with that blog post. I am going to publish them all, eventually, but I’ve been saving them for something special. This blog is going to be a book someday, or at least that’s my end goal, so I might save the big list as a book promotion post when I get a little bit closer to being done. For now though I like saving them as fun surprises to stumble on in different posts 🙂

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