SETTLING IN: Day 57, Friday October 25 2013

We went to the hutong Friday morning to buy items for our halloween costumes. I was going to dress as the monkey king and so I was looking for a leopard print scarf to tie around my waist. I found one in the mall that claimed to be 50% off, but was still 326 RMB (about $50)! Fortunately we found a plethora of scarves in the hutong for only 20 RMB. I also bought a Chinese hairpin, and had fun in the store as one of the women who worked there showed me how to put it in. I’m not as good at it as her yet, but I am determined to master it.

I wanted to buy a pineapple for an activity for my new class who would be named “Pineapple Class”, but when we couldn’t find any in the city I bought a very expensive one from Ole, the foreign food store in the mall. A little while later we found vendors selling pineapple halves stuffed with sticky rice for 10RMB. Must be a cheeper place to buy them somewhere.

We found an awesome cafe in an upstairs store that sells earl grey tea, black tea, and coffee, all rarities in the Chinese culture. We poked in a shop full of gorgeous dresses and piles of fabric! I immediately wanted to get a dress made, but when I asked about the price they told it me it would cost 6200RMB, over $1000. I’m sure that that can’t be right. There were all sorts of cool items and knick knacks for sail. I finally managed to find post cards, and am excited to start getting them in the mail.

Lainey took me to buy a phone during work and I am now the owner of a brand new smart phone. It’s so shiny!

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