SETTLING IN: Day 55, Wednesday October 23 2013

Did a workout on the machines outside our apartment. As I did my reps a group of elderly Chinese people began to form around me. It started with an old man who kept glancing at me, a big gapy grin on his face. Soon some elderly ladies flocked to the park. They approached me trying to have a conversation. With my limited chinese (it) was very difficult. I interpreted that they asked me if I was cold. I glanced down at my shorts and t-shirt and laughed, “No no,” I said, “work out” I acted out a kind of running movement, “get hot.” I waved my hand in front of my face. They all laughed.

“Ye, ar, san, se,” the one old lady (counted) her layers for me, “wo leo qi.” Seven layers on the top! “Ye, ar, san” and three on the bottom!

Later, after I managed to escape the crowd to continue my workout, I was attempting to hold a plank. The old lady who had shown me her layers earlier decided to copy me, only she left her butt stuck way up in the air. I fought to hold the plank while containing my laughter, but when she started chasing around the other old ladies on hands and feet in her make shift plank position I couldn’t hold it in.

Below is a video of ladies dancing in the streets of Jinan, a common practice.

We rigged up our new picture using a frame made of cardboard. Worked out better then expected. Had work at 1:30. Lots of difficulties with my CT. Hope things improve.


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