SETTLING IN: Day 52, Sunday October 20 2013

We dragged Katrina out to magic after work to show her “the zombie building”. She said after spending time in Africa (as she did as a teenager) this place didn’t seem so bad. The missing floors 2-4 from the elevator buttons are still a mystery. We just figure those are the zombie quarantine floors.

We went to Malanas, a gorgeous foreign food bar/ restaurant located along the canal. We bought pizza and drinks. The prices were steep but the thick cheese coating covering a layer of tomato sauce over an oven baked thin crust helped soften the blow. There was another large group of foreigners there, some of which we knew, so we quickly joined forces. We met another Canadian couple, who, from the sounds of it, had left comfortable living and cushy jobs back home to come here and were having a hard time adjusting. We also met a guy who works in Qufu, a nearby city famous as the place of Confucius’s birth. Apparently it was not a very happening city so he spends most of his time off in Jinan.


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