SETTLING IN: Day 48, Wednesday October 16 2013

We had to go to the west centre for a meeting, so we left early in order to explore that side of town. As usual we used our map to stake out the closest mountain and set out in that direction. Purple flowering vines crawled across thick ceder trees making them look like a weird flowering cross bread. These vines snaked through tuffs of dried grass as fluffy seed heads rustled in the breeze and small lizards scurried for cover from the invading humans.

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Our hike looked like it could go on from mountain top to mountain top. We meditated on the edge of a steep slope, mountain terracing stretched out before us, dotted with trees with a hint of red on their leaves. We closed our eyes to take in the smells of ceder and earth and sounds of the wind in the grass. My lungs were hurting from the pollution, but allowing myself to submerse into the ancient folds of the land helped calm my breathing.


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