OILING OUR BEARINGS: Day 44, Saturday October 12 2013

No work today! We still went to tutoring though and did Thanksgiving oriented lessons. In the morning we went exploring using a street map of Jinan that we had picked up during our first week. It showed another mountain we had yet to explore not to far from us, so we set out in that direction. A while after we’d left Nate stopped and pointed at a mound ahead of us, “There,” he said.

“Oh yeah, that’s super close to us!” I replied, but then I got a closer look, “It kind of looks like a pile of garbage.” It wasn’t the mountain at all, but a dump! The real mountain was another twenty minutes down the road. By the time we got there we had to head home for tutoring, but vowed to explore the mountain on another day. I arrived early for tutoring, so my usual escort did not meet me at the bus stop (as Lisa usually did). I walked to Lisa’s building complex, but was stuck as to what building I should go into. I was starting to feel the strain of not having a phone. Fortunately I ran into Helen and her mom, and they showed me where to go.

Lisa told me today “You know maybe you could use more body language to help the children understand.” I can’t tell if she’s trying to tell me she is unhappy with how I am running the lessons in a save face way. Sophia’s mom still tells me that this is Sophia’s favourite part of the week though so I think I’m doing something right.

Lisa’s husband walked with me to Quan Chen Square after tutoring as that is where I was supposed to meet Nate. I went with Nate to the magic cards store where he played with a Chinese guy with his Chinese cards. He had to stop and look up what each card did as he played!


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