OILING OUR BEARINGS: Day 43, Friday October 11 2013

I watched Katrina’s class called Spring today on her request. After hearing about my background with special needs she wanted me to give her some tips on some of the children she taught. We are never told whether a child coming into our class has a disability, but some of them seem a little off. We’ve seen quite a few people on the streets that seem to have mental health problems as well. It’s not surprising with the low quality health care, debilitating pollution, and lack of building/ health regulations. I have heard that lead piping is still a major concern in China, as is lead paint. One way to tell if a child has a special need is to watch for a baby sibling. The “one child law” in China applies to most families, but families with a disabled child are allowed to have a second child.

I had to keep reiterating to Katrina that I was not trained in any way to diagnose disabilities, but that I could give her some strategies to try out. Her class was definitely a handful, with three high needs children. One of which (and the most high needs) was named Kevin. He would bite, kick, hit, and seemed to do everything he could to do the opposite of what he was asked. He refused to speak a single word in class, but at home would sometimes break out in English! Katrina claims he’s got an unhinged look about him and will one day be a serial killer. Hopefully the tips I gave her help!

Met up with Sonya after work, and were fed home made dumplings, complements of her coworker. The girl seemed awesome, and unlike most Chinese women that we’d met, loved to dance and drink! After dumplings we headed over to Amy’s to hang out with her and a couple of her classmates.


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