OILING OUR BEARINGS: Day 42, Thursday October 10 2013

Sonya invited us to go out for noodles with her and Damian after work. I’m pretty sure Damian meant it as a date and he did not seem happy when he found out Sonya had invited company. We went to the hole in the ceiling (the one with the tree growing out of it) restaurant to order our favourite beef noodles, and were greeted by the entire family when we walked in the door! Sonya had brought her friend Linda along. We were excited to meet another one of Sonya’s friends but Damian did not seem impressed. I think he wanted to slip away right after noodles, but we ended up getting invited to Katrina’s (which is also Damian’s) and so he was stuck with us. Sonya gave Katrina a Chinese name meaning wind, and I asked her to think of a name for me!


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