OILING OUR BEARINGS: Day 41, Wednesday October 09 2013

Had to test my Mr Bean class. The tests are done one on one in a separate room using questions and a power point presentation. There were no free rooms with a working smartboard, and we were already ten minutes behind before we found somewhere for me to set up. The computer wouldn’t read my flash drive. By the time I found a new room with a new computer that was in working order I’d lost 30 minutes of class time. I was to videotape the child being tested, but the battery on the camera ran out after the second kid. Another ten minutes spent as Shirley changed the battery. Second battery died halfway through the next kid. We ditched the camera. Two children are going to come in another day to do their tests as we did not get through everyone. What a nightmare. Katrina laughed when I told her the story “Welcome to Happy English,” was her response. It might be a long 15 months.


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