OILING OUR BEARINGS: Day 39, Monday October 07 2013

Our days off are all messed up because of the National Week holiday, so we were working today from 9:00am-6:00pm. Nate had switched his tutoring to today as well, so I went over to Katrina’s alone after work. “Hey girl, did you want to go out?” Katrina asked as I walked in the door, “You look like you want to go out, got all that make up on.”

“Sure, we’ll see where the night takes us,” I replied.

“If we’re going out though we’re getting you out of those jeans.”

“I like my jeans.” I had good reason for staying away from Katrina’s collection of short dress and low tops. I did not want to alienate myself from the conservative people we were living with, and didn’t want to give off the wrong impression of my country. Hollywood has already gone far enough to make westerners look like a bunch of loose call girls and with the images painted on the roof of Phoebes still fresh in my mind I did not want to perpetuate that stereotype.

“I know you do honey,” Katrina said as if talking to a innocent 18 year old in need of corrupting, “That’s why they gotta go.”

“I go to the clubs in hoodies!” Sandy a British girl who was lounging on Katrina’s couch with a beer in hand piped in.

“Yeah but you’re Sandy, you can wear what you want,” Katrina responded.

I shrugged, I wasn’t getting into Katrina’s dresses. Besides I knew she’d forget all about the entire convo within an hour.

Everyone started backing out of the going out plans, and Katrina wasn’t happy. Damian managed to talk Isaac into coming out, and arranged to meet him outside the apartment when the cab came. We went down the the BBQ, but just as the food started showing up Katrina got a call from Damian. Isaac had never shown up, so Katrina headed back to the apartment to help Damian figure things out. Sandy and I were left to finish off the food and pay the bill.

Damian had recently gotten a new electric bike- scooter type thing, and kept trying to convince Sandy to ride with him, “Sure I’ll ride, if I get to go in the front and you in the back.” We both agreed that riding with Damian sober was not a good idea, and he was already quite a few drinks in. Katrina however went for a spin.

It turned out that Isaac had been dropped off somewhere, but when he couldn’t see anyone around had gotten back in the cab and gone home. I finally cracked at Damian for his down talking women on the cab ride to the bar, telling him I really hoped the things he said were a joke and that he took things a little too far. When Nate met up with us he said he was surprised how tame Damian was, said it was nice for a change. I felt a little guilty but knew my anger at him would come out eventually, and I poured us both a shot of baijiu and cheered him as a peace offering.


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      1. Yep, a lot of my Chinese was learned from “the best kind of immersion”- as in I never really took formal lessons, so my spelling in my journals is all by how the word sounded to me at the time.

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