NATIONAL DAY CELEBRATIONS: Day 33, Tuesday October 01 2013


We decided to go to the hole in the wall restaurant that Katrina had suggested (or rather hole in the roof, as it had a tree growing out the middle of it). The menu was all in Chinese so we stood studying it trying to figure out what it meant. Fortunately one girl who worked/ lived there spoke English, and came out to help us order. After some complication we ordered beef noodles and sat down to wait. The noodles came out in bowls of soup with delicious pieces of meat on top. It was very good. Nate even finished the broth.

We talked to the girl who had helped us order before we left, and found out that she would soon be going to France to study cooking. We asked her about a tapestry that hung on the wall and were told that it was a poem written by her grandfather. Her whole family was in the next room, it seemed that they all ran the restaurant together. During the entire conversation a young boy kept running up to us, and then running away again as if we were some sort of monster! The faces Nate made at him probably didn’t help him feel much safer.

We exchanged QQ numbers (Chinese chat sight) before we left, and her family gave us free juice as a gift of friendship! We continued on to the market down the street and bought fresh vegetables, some snacks, and some eggs. “shi er.” (twelve) Nate said when we went to buy the eggs. The woman misunderstood him and gave us 12RMB worth of eggs! (it was a lot of eggs) We also picked up a bag of these mini apples we saw everywhere.

Later in the day we finally made it out to RT mart to buy cheese, cereal, and other foods from home! There was an awesome park by RT mart where they had an event going on for national day. They had a pellet gun you could try and pop balloons with. Nate decided to try and said it was awesome. They also had a wedding photo booth set up outside the store. The pictures looked beautiful.

We took a bus that we thought went to Qi Li Hu street, as out road was called, but ended up going to a different bus stop called Qi Li Hu something or other, and wasn’t where we wanted to go at all! We ended up walking home from there. When we got home we cleaned the parts of the house we hadn’t been brave enough to touch yet, like the thick dust under the beds, and the shower drain… There was a giant wad of putrid black hair in the drain, and worst of all it was full of flies. Nasty.


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