Happy National Day!

Hello everyone and happy National Day!

National day celebrates the beginning the the People’s Republic of China, and this is it’s 66th year being celebrated. The idea of National Day goes farther back however, first being recognized in the Western Jin dynasty (265-325 AD) and was celebrated based on the emperor’s birthday or the day he came in power (National Day, 2015). So that’s well over 1600 years of celebrations, insane!

While most parts of China are celebrating and enjoying a week of holidays some parts are not so content with China’s governmental system. Hong Kong has hit the streets to protest waving a blue colonial flag (Hong Kong Defiant on China’s National Day, 2015). So National Day is a day to celebrate the old and look forward to the new.

Throughout Chinese 5000 years of history China has been a country of change and development, and she has seen her highs and her lows. Recently China’s economy has been improving, and China has been going through a period of great development. Hopefully this new year will bring her to new heights, and will only further improve her relations with western countries.

Happy Birthday China! I wish you happy every day (as the Chinese would say).

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