NATIONAL DAY CELEBRATIONS: Day 31, Sunday September 29 2013

Work didn’t start until 1:30pm, our schedules all messed up because of National day/ week which is coming up/ already started. It’s a little confusing. I had a one hour make up class, but no actual class so I was able to go home early. Had a nap when I got back. Firecrackers going off just outside my window almost gave me a heart attack. I woke up from a deep sleep thinking I was in the middle of a war zone!

I’m beginning to realize that National week means an increase in firecrackers and fireworks 24 hours a day. Why fireworks in the day when you can’t see them I don’t know, but they seem to light them off for many reasons. Weddings are also a big one (for fireworks in the day). It’s pretty difficult to teach, sometimes it’s nearly impossible to hear over the noise.


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