Hey everyone! I know this is going up last- last minute but I wanted to wish you all a happy mid autumns day festival anyways. A little bit about the holiday itself: It’s also known as the moon festival, or moon cake festival, as it falls on the day of the harvest moon, when the moon is supposed to be it’s brightest and fullest. In Chinese history they follow the lunar months rather then the solar months that we follow today, so many of their holidays follow the lunar month.

In China family is very important, so most holidays tend to be family oriented, and the moon cake festival is no exception. It’s kind of like the Chinese Thanksgiving. Families gather together to eat freshly harvested food. Moon cakes are a tradition for this Chinese holiday, and on my second Mid Autumns Festival in China I got to learn how to make them! It was a school promotional event at the mall, where we got to bake with the kids. I was definitely more excited then them though!

Today Nate and I went searching for a asian food store in order to buy moon cakes. After a wild goose chase we ended up in a Korean convenience store. They didn’t have moon cakes, but we bought some food that is at least from the right part of the globe. Tasted pretty good, and we washed it down with Chinese tea from the massive stash we brought back with us! Happy Mid Autumns festival!

PS. check out the link below, I love this Serious Eats post on the festival.



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