FINDING A RYTHM: Day 28, Thursday September 26 2013

Started the morning by doing stairs up a mountain! Soon realized how out of shape I am. Lactic acid was a killer and made going back down difficult. Stopped at the supermarket in hopes of finding cereal, but what we thought was cereal turned out to be weirdly seasoned chips. We plan on finding the RT Mart which we are told has a good foreign section. I bought a drink with chunks of fruit in it that came in a glass water bottle, and we got some yogurts, that come in little plastic pouches.

We bought the eggs and tomato dish that we often ate from a store near the BBQ and used steamed buns to soak up the juices. I got a call from Mike during work hours. He works as head FT (foreign teacher) at the West centre and agreed to delegate for me since our centre has not head FT. He was not very happy to hear about the way I was treated and requested a copy of the letter.

The parent presentation went well as far as I can tell, though I really need to learn Chinese. There was a lot of talking back and forth between Shirley and the parents and very little translation to me. VERY frustrating.

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