FINDING A RHYTHM: Day 27, Wednesday September 25 2013

I had a meeting with Lisa and company, the parents I had been talking to about tutoring their kids. They were very nice and it was fun talking to them, as it always is with Chinese people. They were all teachers at the university and they had very good written English but limited oral English. They wanted their children to practice their oral English and above all gain an interest in learning the language. I look forward to teaching kids without the politics of Happy English riding over me.

When I got back Nate was cleaning the floors! Love that man! We left the house early for work, got some lunch, and wondered around town for a bit until it was time to go inside. Candy talked to me after class and apologized for the letter. I accepted her apology and feel as though we are on better grounds.We had a long talk about culturally appropriate behaviours in China versus Canada and for once I had her full attention. Anyways with time I feel as though my position at Happy English looks a lot better. I brought my Monkey King book to work today and Shirley helped me translate it. Hoping this bonding experience will bring us closer together. I love one of the CTs, Connie, who keeps giving me a phrase of the day to memorize!

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