NOT ALL FUN AND GAMES: Day 24,Sunday September 22 2013

Since we’d worked a full day on Friday we had no work till 1:30 pm today. Got up at 9:00 am for a good breakfast and a workout on the exercise equipment outside our apartment. I had my opening ceremony for my new class, which will be named Pineapple, today. I threw everything I had into it and it went great. I was finished an hour early (as opening ceremony are only one hour long), so headed out ahead of Nate. Lainey stopped me on the way out asking me about my problems with my classes. “But as you know the school will be on your side,” she told me, “They will give you the time to work with your class.”

“Yeah but they didn’t Lainey.” I said verging on tears of frustration, “They didn’t. They took away two of my classes within my first few weeks of being here.”

I got a bit of cleaning done at home before Nate got back. “Jenn,” he said when he got in the door, “Candy left you a letter. She asked me to give it to you.” He handed me a four paged, single spaced letter full of spelling mistakes and English errors. It was insulting, made no sense, and made me entirely loose faith in Candy as a person, and as a boss.

“I can’t work here anymore Nate.” I felt held together by only a weak layer of skin and bone, “I can’t work here. I’ll ask Amy if she can set me up with Ace English. I can’t work for Happy English.”

“It’ll be ok,” Nate kept reassuring me, but I could tell that he was not happy.

I got on the phone and called both Katrina and Amy. Turned out they were at BBQ, so I grabbed my bag, and the letter, and we headed out the door to meet up with them. After both read the letter we came up with a solid plan for me to go and talk to Sandra, and who to bring with me to translate. Made it to bed exhausted at 11:00pm.

I’ve posted the letter (though I’ve blocked out the names and name of the school) primarily so that people thinking of teaching overseas can get an idea of the cultural differences. Make of it what you will.


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