NOT ALL FUN AND GAMES: Day 22, Friday September 20 2013

We both slept through our alarms this morning leaving us in a frantic scramble to get to work in time. I had a 9:30 am demo, which I’m starting to perfect. Other then that I spent a lot of time sitting in the office. Jason, who already had a reputation for inappropriate behaviour at work, was talking to his CT Michelle.

“How many times do you think Ryan will cry today?” Jason asked.

“I don’t know. Maybe he won’t cry today,” Replied Michelle.

“I bet he’ll cry five times. How many do you think?”

“Um I think maybe only two.”

“Ok loser owes the winner a massage.”

“In a massage parlour?”

“No. Loser will give the winner a massage.”

I was disgusted. Not only was he talking about a child crying like it was a game, he was sexually harassing the Chinese girl he worked with. This guy was known to send his CTs from the classroom in tears, and throw phones across the room when he got angry. Nate’s said he’s seen him twisting his students arms in the washroom. I’ve vowed to discuss this with Candy, though with the “women don’t question men” cultural view I’m not sure if it will do any good.

Bought muslim noodles for lunch. Sat and watched them make the noodles in front of us. They took a big lump of dough, stretched it, folded it, banged it on the table, stretched it, and folded it again until it was composed of long and thin strips. Then it went straight in the boiling water. The noodles were delicious, but don’t seem to sit well afterwards. Went to BBQ with Damian, Nick, and Spencer after work.


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