NOT ALL FUN AND GAMES: Day 20, Wednesday September 18 2013

Got up shortly after 8:00 am and cleaned. Left Nate sleeping who had been up late making lesson plans. When he got up we made breakfast (an egg, bokchoy, meat, and cheese sandwich on real bread (as apposed to Chinese sweet bread)), and headed to the market to re-stock up on vegetables and supplies.

It was very hot out and I quickly regretted the jean capris I was wearing. The long tables that used to hold the abundant supply of vegetables were gone, the covered market area where they were once set up completely gutted. The woman we had bought from the last few times wasn’t there so we had to settle with buying from a different veggie stand. Picked up our usual supply and treated ourselves to some cherry tomatoes and dragon fruit. Bought a mop and broom, we couldn’t find a broom that came up higher then our hips!

The walk back seemed even hotter then the walk there. We bought slushies to keep us going. When we got home we made a good dinner and finally got a nice deep clean and sweep of our apartment.

With only Mr Bean to teach and plan for I’m going stir crazy in the office. We headed to BBQ after work with Damian (others were supposed to come but they all backed out). Ordered skewer after skewer of delicious charred meat. When we headed to Katrina’s after the food we found a full out party going on. The whole group of us ended up on the roof. With over 16 floors to the building the view was gorgeous. Didn’t make it home till nearly 4:00 am.


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