CRAVING HAMBURGERS: Day 16, Saturday September 14 2013

Saturday September 14 2013

Had to work at 8:00 am. Was very tired. Did not want to get our of bed. Nate is amazing, he made breakfast… Still sleeping on the bus. Pulled myself together before my first class. Beyonce went much better this week. Much more planned and knew the children’s level much better. Taught math, science (in which we are trying to grow both money and apple seeds- had to come up with the seeds on the fly. Have a feeling the money has a better chance. We’ll see.), reading, and grammar.

Katrina pulled me aside after class. Apparently I’m supposed to watch one of her classes Tomorrow because I’m not moving around enough in the classroom. Fantastic, I’ve been wanting to watch one of Katrina’s classes since I started, only problem is we have class at the same time. As in I’m supposed to be watching her class at 10:00 am while at the same time also magically doing a demo on the other side of the school! I’m frustrated with the order of operation at work. Nothing is thought through. I’m getting mixed messages from the CTs and parents who are encouraging rote memorization and power point presentations, and my supervisory staff who are telling me to move around more, and be creative and engaging, but who do not seem to be able to make sense of what that should look like.

After a chat with Shirley about yesterday’s incident I got out of her that she had the children repeat the sentences because she was angry at them for not knowing it. Turns out that apparently these kids were off for three months before I arrived! No wonder they’re behind.

I know my lesson plans have been mediocre when they should be amazing, but with all the things I am trying to adjust to, the improper training, and the contrast in information I have not had the energy to get them there. It takes all of my planning capability to grasp where they (the students) are in the unit and how the heck I am supposed to review information with them that I have never seen before (I’m taking over classes that are in the middle of the program and have to review everything I didn’t teach with them). I’m just praying I do not have to make power points for every single pre-k-2 unit because I was shoved into a class that is at the end of the program. If I do I will probably break something.

On a more positive note Mr Bean class went well. Tony, who had been a little terror last week was practically a model citizen in comparison. The children loved my pin the tail on the donkey game and are excited that next week we will be having a birthday party!

Parted ways with Nate after class as he had his first day of tutoring tonight. He had a rough day as the Grandmother of one of his students came into the classroom today, grabbed her grandson’s arm and started twisting it to the point where it looked like it might break. I guess reality hits home fast when your working in a developing country.


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