Day 11: Monday September 09 2013

Monday September 09 2013

Nate had an alcohol educed headache, and the Advil we had brought with us were huge and egg shaped. Nate couldn’t manage to swallow one without choking on it, so we stayed in bed late this morning. Once he’d recovered we walked back to the big market down the road for more buns and dinner ingredients. “Hello!” One shop owner called to us. It was the lady we’d bought our vegetables from the last time. We smiled at her and hurried over to her stand. I filled up my back pack for less the 20rmb (around $3)!

It is almost the Mid Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Cake Festival, and there are moon cakes for sale everywhere! We bought our first one to try (they’re a hard preserved cake with fruit or nuts in the middle- kind of like a fruit cake). I wasn’t too impressed with the first bight, but once the flavours of the spices hit me I enjoyed it. Also tried a sesame ball, which had a chewy sesame outside and a bean paste centre. The outside was delicious but not sure about the centre.

We detoured to the smaller market to pick up a “squishy” (the steamed bun key chains) for Katrina as she had been admiring mine. She wanted one with a huge frown or angry face, but all of them were happy and cutesy, so I picked the one that looked the most stoned. She loved it!

Went to Katrina’s for dinner and a movie (Nate offered to cook there as her kitchen is a dream compared to our cramped space. Only problem is her stove top doesn’t work! Fortunately she has hot plates that work just as well.) When we arrived she was all dressed up to go out. She thought that tonight was the teacher’s day barbecue which was actually happening tomorrow! Amy, who had quit work at Happy English after her University classes had started back up (she was in the city learning Chinese), had been texting back and forth with Nate and managed to make it over as well. Spent the night eating delicious stir fry, drinking horrible cheep wine, and watching office space.


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