Day 6: Wednesday September 04 2013

My co-workers were the brattiest children that ever existed! They were sitting in as my demo kids during a mock lesson presentation, and were having entirely way to much fun with their new roles. Katrina claimed to be Jiar, a child she’d once had in one of her demos. Lets just say Jiar had not been a perfect child.

We didn’t work until 1:30 pm, and I’d found out when I got to the office I had to present the demo at the 1:30 pm meeting! Fortunately the meeting was pushed back till 2 pm but it was still a scramble. At least the late start gave us a much needed lazy morning.

We picked up chicken nuggets and cold milk tea that had tapioca chunks in the bottom of it. I got to meet one of my future classes, Mr Bean that I will be taking over when Juan from Miami leaves. The class is super wild but I think most of that is Juan’s teaching style. The kids seem fun and I’m excited to teach!

Stopped at the supermarket on our way home to pick up ingredients for the stir-fry we planned to make then next day. Nate picked up a towel with a map of New York on it! I thought it was funny to come all the way to China for a New York towel.

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