THE BEGINNING: Day 5, Tuesday September 03 2013

After a full day of training on what was supposed to be a day off, we decided to look for a good place to eat dinner. I asked some local girls if they could help us, and suddenly I had a girl linked on both arms. They were laughing, speaking in Chinese to each other, and trying to translate into English for me!

The restaurant the girls brought us to was a tiny place with only a few tables and a few things on the menu. We pointed to a hot bubbling dish that was being brought out to the table next to us and held our fingers up for two. It was chicken and rice and it was the most tender, perfectly cooked chicken you’d ever tasted. The sauce was full of spice and flavour. The chicken again had bones in it but big bones and bigger chunks of meat. One of the most delicious dishes I have ever had in my life.

Training was really boring and not very helpful, but it had it’s perks. We were treated to dumplings from work that we ate at a table with all of the CTs (Chinese teachers). Nate and I had a lot of fun trying different dumplings and getting to know our new colleagues.

Went to a sketchy basement to buy a usb for work in the technology building nicknamed “the pregnant building” by the Jinan foreigners for it’s weird bulged out front. We walked home and on our way we stopped in at a furniture shop right next to the school. It was filled with giant wooden tables, and intricately caved cupboards and window frames. It was expensive but it would have been worth the money if it wasn’t so hard to ship home. Also found a really awesome joke shop down the road.



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