I’m back!

The past week has been a blur of packing and panic as we realized two days before our flight that we didn’t have chinese currency, we didn’t have insurance and we hadn’t informed OHIP we were going to be away from the country for fifteen months,” is my first entry in my journal. I scribbled it down sitting in the airport. Everything still seemed kind of surreal. Nate and I kept asking each other if we were nervous and we kept replying “Nope hasn’t hit me yet,” even our first few weeks in China it never really “hit us” it just felt like we were a few hours away in some weird China town, the 15 month time gap between our arrival and return just wasn’t something we could comprehend. The past week had been crammed with packing and goodbyes made all the more hectic by my impromptu vacation to Calgary to visit my sister two weeks before departure date. Our first leg of the journey, Ottawa-Vancouver (usually a 4 hour trip) took us 7 hours! We realized on our first flight that we were going to be landing twice on our way there, not a good set up before a 12 hour flight. Fortunately we were able to get out of the airport in Van and meet up with a friend of Nate’s. I would later write that this was “the highlight of the journey.”

The rest of the day we lost to the time change, so more will be written tomorrow.

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