GETTING THERE, the opportunity of a lifetime

I bounced into the old, messy five person student house which I was (and still am) calling home. It was the beginning of my third final semester of undergrad, and my feet were starting to itch with the anticipation of the freedom to come. “I want to go to Asia for a year to teach English! Think of how amazing it would be.” I had just come back from a TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) info-session.

It sounds like the opportunity of a lifetime,” my boyfriend, Nate had said earlier in the year when I’d mentioned it. Nate is a 6’4″ ginger giant, who, despite being a year younger then me, was already well on his way to developing theoretical hair (hair is so thin it seems to just hover in cloud like wisps). We had been dating for about seven months at the time, long enough to give us a clear picture of where we wanted the relationship to go, but not long enough to promise we could make it there. Up until that point our relationship had been made of fun excursions around town, and whimsical pondering of what our life would be like if we suddenly became rich and could build a giant castle with trap doors and a princess tower (Nate’s not the hugest fan of me calling the tall glorious tower he has designed a princess tower, but so be it.) 

That fall night when I announced with complete and utter determination that Asia was a done deal in my mind, instead of either trying to encourage or discourage me he just smiled and listened to my ramblings on about the opportunity I had been dreaming of since the ninth grade. The smile was on his lips, but his eyes told a different story: the fear of loosing a girl he was only just getting to know.

“Nate,” I said finally staring to come back to reality. I met his eyes, “I was wondering if, maybe you’d want to come too?”

“But what would I do there?” he asked voice holding the doubt I was afraid of.


“I have absolutely no experience.”

“You don’t need any. You just need a TESOL and they’ll hire you. You don’t have to answer now, I know it’s a big thing and…”

“Lets do it.”

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