Part 1: GETTING THERE, the adventure begins

Only packing the essentials.

Yesterday night at about 10:00 pm my boyfriend and I officially signed a fifteen month contract to teach English in Jinan, China. Now I don’t know if you realize how long fifteen months is, but when it comes to packing fifteen months is almost inconceivable. With a house to pack up, friends and family to visit, and visas, background checks, shots, medicals… and only two months to do it in, it’s starting to hit me.

I will be documenting all of the adventures (and more likely misadventures) of life in a foreign land where I do not know how to read, write, or speak the language here on this blog. We’ve already had an interesting time getting to this point since we started this journey with a TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) course almost a year ago. In the 15 months to come I will share these stories day by day (or at least week by week) with you. As for right now I will leave you with only this brief introduction, and tell you that my heart is pounding, and my body shaking in anticipation, excitement, and nervous energy both about the actual move and the process of getting there.


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